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Processing Method for Mansi Lake Champlain Plesiosaur

Image Processing of Mansi Lake Champlain Plesiosaur

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lyuda: Recently Drowned Baby Mammoth (NOT 40,000 Years Old!)

BOTTOM LINE: BABY MAMMOTH: Lyuba accidentally drowned in the Yuribey River, which explains the mud found in its trunk, mouth and throat. Radiocarbon used as a clock is this case clearly shows. The "mystery" is only in the evolutionary minds (evolutionicus insanicus-EI) of these "scientists" attempting HOW THIS BABY MAMMOTH WOUND UP ON A RIVER SANDBAR. NOTE how National Geographics' type folks attempt an explanation: "Lyuba's remarkable condition appeared all the more mystifying in May 2008, when Fisher and Buigues visited the Yuribey River. Just upriver from the sandbar where she'd been found stood a high, sheer bluff, which was being steadily undercut by the river. Blocks of permafrost, some as big as houses, hung out over the rim of the bluff. Perhaps Lyuba had been frozen in such a block that had collapsed into the water during the previous thaw, floated downstream, and come to rest on the sandbar when the thaw-swollen river had briefly risen to that level. There was only one problem: Yuri Khudi's sons had found her there in May 2007, before the spring ice-out. Unless she had risen from the underworld and walked up onto the bar on her own, the only explanation was that she had broken out of the permafrost and come to rest there nearly a year before she was discovered, during the ice-out of June 2006. To Fisher, standing on the spot two years later, it just didn't make sense."

"She'd have been lying on this riverside all that time," he said to Buigues, "including an entire summer exposed to the sun. So why hasn't she decomposed or been scavenged?"NO Mystery at all. The baby mammoth found on one of the Sand Bar banks of the Yuribey River was the result of drowning in 2007, just prior to Yuri Khudi finding it on the sand bar...and the parents of this mammoth are undoubtedly still in existence. Only evolutionicus insanicus causes folks to reach for something else. NOTE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: "Circumstances of Lyuba's death were clear. (Suzuki would later propose a different interpretation, seeing more evidence for drowning than asphyxiation.)"

Monday, 27 September 2010

Pterosaur Eyewitness Accounts; Plesiosaur Attacks



Since evolution is nothing more than mankind's imaginative fantasy...a pseudo-science paid for by the is not surprising that NO TRANSITIONAL FORMS FOR PTEROSAUR have ever been found.

Pterosaur Perth Australia.pdf


After many attempts using image processing routines in PHOTO-SHOP, SCION, and GIMP...internal structure within the frequently observed saturated double sources have been resolved into separate emission lines. This may be interpreted generally as head, wing and tail areas of the animal. This technique, used from GIMP in the Auto Color Enhanced option revealed the internal morphological features.


Lake Champlain Photograph Taken by Sandra Mansi in June 1977:  Morphology Extraction by BSM Research Associates under supervision of Clifford Anthony Paiva (15-21 July 2011)



The Sandra Mansi photograph obtained in June 1977 reveals a distinctly structured morphological plesiosaur head. The frame with the white backround is determined to be only first order; therefore only the general morphology of snout, eyes and mouth are readily observed.  Reptilian features may be artifacts of image processing, nevertheless the general facial features remain accurate.   None of these characteristics appear in the initial frame of course, but rather are extracted from image processing techniques performed at BSM Research Associates, using software at Edwards Air Force Base Flight Test Center, California.

Some folks (apparently evolutionist-oriented types)  think that the above frames are floating tree logs or UFOs with aliens inside, and  from galaxies beyond ...not to despair though since adequate mental help for those suffering from evolution disorientation (ED) is readily available...under Obama Care...of course.  Unfortunately this medical care option does not apply to evolution-addiction, (EA) which is a much more serious affliction;  the only hope of cure being actually attacked and eaten by a plesiosaur or pterosaur.

Imagery: Lift Force Capability (Cattle and Deer);  Yakima Forest; Spokane, WA

Possible Plesiosaur Attacks: Vancouver Area

Video 2: Plesiosaur Attacks in Vancouver Area

Missing: Matthew Huszar Since 16 December 2011

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Clifford Anthony Paiva_BSMRA: Image Processing of Current Sightings of MEXICO FLEET Chemiluminescent Pterosaurs (Ropens) Observed in Stephensville,Texas; Guadalajara and Mexico City, Mexico; Papua New Guinea, and San Francisco, California. (Seen On The History Channel's Monsterquest Flying Monsters.)

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Image processing for this section is implemented by myself; the hardware and software computer integration being provided by my son, Mr. Alexander Mitchell Paiva (a computer firmware and software specialist), specifically for The History Channel's Monsterquest Flying Monsters program.  Hydrodynamics of lift forces, coefficients of lift as a function of pterosaur wing area, and overall dive velocity profiles were included in the follow-up technical report to be released the Fall of 2009. Correlations to North America include the Great Lakes region, Sonora Desert (Guadalajara, Mexico and Stephenville, Texas), and Southern California, and Great Britain. Note that the so-called UFO Fleet observations are really high altitude flying animals which are flocking and may be mathematically modelled.  The animation graphically portrays the groupings and flight units.


BSMRA_Pterosaur Lift Forces.doc

BSMRA_High Resolution for Head and Tail Flange Regions.PDF

BSMRA_HIRES frames for PNG GL and Stephenville.doc

BSMR_These are the latest correlations for Great Lakes and Stephenville.doc
Monsterquest Link to Flying Monsters.doc



BSMRA_Pterosaur Rhamphorhynchus UFO Fleet Observations.doc

Clifford Anthony Paiva RESUME 2009.doc

Your Smiling Cousin.doc

Update Technical Report Release Available: Open Letter Regarding Great Lakes Sightings; Stephenville, Texas and Papua New Guinea Relationship to Noah's Ark Ministries International (NAMI) Expedition

California Inland Seas; Journey of Coronado Chapter 10, 1540; Giants in California 

Cliff: Video taken at night in Stephenville, Texas and the Paul Nation video from Papua New Guinea are very similiar. Both reveal internal structure which may be a tail and flange section in chemiluminesence. (06/30/09)

Cliff: Rather than remove another wise good slide let me correct the error on the Papua New Guinea-Gates frame. It should state a June 2007 date...not 2008. Thanks... (07/16/09)