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Noah's Ark Precise Location; Ark Damage

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No reason for folks to apply "mystery" to the Ark's precise location on Mt. Ararat.  As most eyewitnesses have always maintained...the Ark is just below the two small peaks on Greater Ararat...a little below the top.  As anyone can see from a combination of the Simmons-Arslan frames...from different angles and distances line-of-sight...with high correlation of damaged areas of ship...the Ark's position on the strato-volcano is well known.  All one has to do is follow the dark mafic cliff to the Eastern Ridge's end...then turn right and head to the appex of the glacial valley's apex.  As these frames show...the Ark is precisely there. 

  The problem of course is the crevassed ice field and its very lethal danger.  Three brave men disappeared on the ice fields (2 Italians and 1 Scottish explorer) just this  year (2011)...even as they closed in on the ship.  The geophysical and cultural ramifications of the presence of a 1.5 million cubic foot barge placed on a strato-volcano, at the 16,000 ft.(4.88 km) altitude...will result in joy for a few... and anger for well as Ph.D.s down the toilet. 

Re-Disccovery of Noah's Ark in 19th and 20th Centuries
Noah's Ark Has Been Re-Discovered: knowledge of its location being available to all. However the Ark's location was known to Hagi Yearam (1856); George Hagopian (1902-1904), World War I Russian Expeditions (1916-1918), etc. No personal credit quests by current people and their organizations [including the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and Noah's Ark Minsitries International (NAMI)] should be acknowledged; other than (as the frames below indicate) by teams: Eryl and Violet Cummings/Ray Anderson, and Robin Simmons-Dr. Ahmet Arslan. Their important photos CONFIRM the barge's present position on Mt. Ararat. Care should be taken regarding present people and their organizations who never cease to denegrate other's attempting to further the Anderson-Arslan Noah's Ark re-discovery. Current researchers in Ark characterization should do their own work independent of these negative external forces, and thus keep clear of the self-proclaimed experts who cannot produce the Ark as a result of their own field research. Its precise position is now available to all through the important field research of Eryl Cummings-Ray Anderson (1972); and Robin Simmons and Dr. Ahmet Arslan (1989)]. It is to THESE two teams of the 20th Century that the world owes the re-discovery of Noah's Ark; leaving the 21st Centry for Ark's physical analysis; the results of which should be made available through the appropriate international channels.

Clifford Paiva: No one should ever have to wonder where on Mt. Ararat Noah's Ark resides. Combining the Simmons-Arslan photo with Ray Anderson's frame is sufficient for a good coordinate precision. (11/27/11)

Clifford Paiva: Cross correlation of imagery from Ray Anderson (1972), and from Dr. Ahmet Arslan (1989) clearly indicate both damaged sections from exposure; and the are where the very large door has been removed. (01/16/12)

John McIntosh: Daer Clifford Paiva, I have already sent you a personal e mail regarding the following: -------------- Regarding "John McIntosh terms this an "ice shelf""--I am not aware of making any such description. Please double check your infomation. I think you are mistaken. Also regarding your statement:"NOT arbitrarily discard valuable data, or push a personal bias as a function of personal preferences. " This certainly does not describe my behavior. I have NOT arbitrarily discarded valuable data or pushed a personal bias as a function of personal preference. I have merely stated that your data is interesting but the site needs to be checked when there is sufficient melt back to see if anything is there. So far in the last 10-15 years, nothing has been seen. --------------------- Please cite a specific referrence where I have said anything about an "ice shelf". Also provide specific evidence to support your charge of discarding valuable data and pushing a personal bias, etc. I recommend you remove your false and misleading statements. I plan to inform other researchers of your false and misleading statements about myself. John McIntosh (03/10/12)

Clifford Paiva: McIntosh: I can't make it any more succint than what is available on this site, FB and my Ark Research site on Opera. You do not accept these frames of the ship...your choice...although its very valuable data indeed, as it concerns the postition (and danger) of the location. You say it hasn't been seen...requiring on your part of course... complete knowledge of all occurrences of that location. Get it through your head McIntosh that there is more to Noah's Ark then just yourself; John Morris; Randall Price and Clara and NAMI. I have shown you the correlation to the Arslan and Anderson frames; you patently REJECT these processed frames...thus YOU INDEED REJECT VERY IMPORTANT DATA. Your ignorance is your decision. I don't intend to extensively argue with you regarding the Ark so either help this research, or take your ego elsewhere...preferrably to John...John. (04/16/12)

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George Hagopian's Eyewiness Account (1902-1905); Ray Anderson and Ahmet Arslan Frame Correlation

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1917 Russian Expedition to the Ark

George Hagopian, Armenian who lived at the Mt. Ararat region, visited the ship in 1902-1905, around the age of ten. †Full account of his interviews with Ark researchers Eryl Cummings, †Rene Noorbergen and illustrator Elfred Lee in the 1970s is given here from two books: Has Anybody Really Seen Noah's Ark (Violet Cummings); Lost Civilizations (Rene Noorbergen).

Open Office Hagopian Noorbergen Account.pdf

Ray Anderson's 1972 Frames Correlated to George Hagopian-ELfred Lee and Dr. Ahmet Arslan

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Clifford A. Paiva ( Population Before Genesis Flood: Noah's Ark At Near (16,000 ft.) Summit of Mt. Ararat, North Eastern Turkey; Hong Kong Expedition

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Clifford A.

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Problems: (1.) No definitive external Ark structure (as evidenced in the Simmons-Arslan photo of a dangerously cravassed area) is shown: (2.) George Hagopian stated that the ship was covered outside and INTERNALLY with a semi-transparent coating (pitch); not evident in the photos†however the internal ice is confirmed;

[BSM Research Conclusions: Cultural (and probably Noah's Ark) information and artifacts concerning habitations on Ararat, as required by† Josephus' Antiquities†have been found. The internal ice-filled compartments coincide precisely with the first 1883 Turkish Ararat geological expedition†which stated:

1883: D Turkish Commissioners, Scientists, Soldiers, and a British Diplomat, Captain Gascoyne, Investigated the Results of a Recent Series of Earthquakes on Mt. Ararat

...At last they were rewarded by the sight of a huge dark mass, protruding twenty or thirty feet from the glacier, on the left side† of the ravine. ... It was in a good state of preservation, being painted on the outside with a dark brown pigment, and constructed of great strength. ... the explorers found it filled for the greater part with ice, the interior being partitioned off into compartments about twelve or fifteen feet high...all three decks are to be said full of ice.

Has Anybody Really Seen Noahs Ark (Violet Cummings) Creation Life Publishers; pp. 130-132.


Noah's Ark Eyewitness Sigthings 1856-1993.pdf

Mt. Ararat and Dogu-Beyazit You Tube Imagery 1

Mt. Ararat and Dogu-Beyazit Imagery 2

Mt. Ararat Summit (Russians) 3

Noah's Ark Ministries International (NAMI) Excellent Imagery (Used by the Jehova's Witness denomination although not related to NAMI)

Pre-Deluvian (Before Genesis Flood) Population Growth

Population Growth Equation by Lambert Dolphin.pdf

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Clifford A. Paiva ( Noah's Ark Height and Length Compared to Consolidated-Vought's B-36 Strategic Bomber: Vertical Stabilizer and Fuselage Length (47ft. by 162 ft.)


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The great spatial dimensions of†Noah's Ark†are frequently not perceived by the general public.† For example and comparison: Noah's Ark's length†is greater than†three B-36 Peace Maker strategic bomber lengths (3 x 162 †feet = 486 feet).† Noah's Ark Length: Setting 1 cubit = 20 in., then (20 in./cubit)(300 cubits) = 6000 in,; therefore 6000 in./12 in.per foot†= 500 feet Ark length.

Ark Height: (20 in./cubit)(30 cubits) = 600 in.; therefore 600 in./12 in.per foot = 50 feet Ark height; which is approximately 3 feet higher than a B-36's vertical stabilizer.

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Friday, 19 February 2010

Clifford A. Paiva ( Travels in Trans-Caucasian Provinces and Mt. Ararat (Captain Richard Wilbraham-1837; Tans-Caucasia and Mt. Arrat (Sir James Bryce-1876)

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Clifford A. Paiva_BSMRA_Travels_in_the_Trans-Caucasian_Provinces (Captain Wilbraham-1837).pdf

Clifford A. Paiva_BSMRA: Transcaucasia_and_Ararat_Viscount Sir James Bryce_1876.pdf

Clifford A. Paiva_BSMRA:Travels Caucasia and Ararat 1837 and 1876.pdf

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