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Clifford A. Paiva: All data for BSM Research Associates may be seen in video form at Clifford Anthony Paiva YouTube

Greyce: This is a classic exlapme of getting your cake and finding it too rotten to eat. So the home owners group wins and the developer walks away from this property. Now what, the course becomes overgrown, street urchins creep in and steal everything non organic. Fire and police calls for service go up taxing services that are already thin. Everyones property value goes down further than they already are and the entire community looses including the golfing community that had a great local course. Help me out because I still don't see the winner here. Eat your cake people and don't complain when it taste like poo pie! (01/19/15)

Kayden: Sam, thanks for the update. I’m not sure about its crlsr-poatfosm accessory compatibility, but will try to find out.Dan, I imagine that most users won’t buy the JobMax system for just the ratchet. It does look like a few compromises have been made, and while it’s not an exceptional cordless ratchet, I’m not disappointed at the very least. Then again, I don’t even try to use it in very tight work areas. (04/30/16)

Christy: And yes would never know the dinfcrefee from the fake tooth and a real one. You just have to be a little careful depending on placement. No more tearing panties off with your teeth if it is one of your incisors. (05/04/16)

Friday, 30 September 2011

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Zyah: Aug12 I think they’re hoping that the combination of location tracking software and the devices being locked down will deter people from stealing them. Not sure I’d be quite so tr&2tingu#8s30; (04/30/16)

Nettie: Love the picture and your face book comment. We read it over the phone to your mom and Leslie last evening!! Ain’t modern technology great!!! Jackson is so blessed to have yall for family. Hugs to Kevin and the bo:AsP..91y11,sunt Judy (05/04/16)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Everyone SEES Jesus Christ's Creation..Even While Denying It: For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.(Letter to the Romans 1:20)

Tracy: I simply want to motinen I am just new to blogs and honestly loved you're page. Probably I’m going to bookmark your website . You surely have remarkable articles. Kudos for revealing your web-site. (09/02/13)

Nguyen: How much weight do you want to loose with this diet? I am pertty much following the same diet, low carbs and lean protein diet. My goal is to lean out and build muscle, so I really have to load up on the protein. A lot of hard work is involved, not only by planning the diet but working out by doing cardio and weights.Good luck with this diet plan, looks like it is working for you. (10/15/15)

Tailynn: Clsraisa,Tô procurando este lugar. Já fiz duas limpezas de pele mas não gostei, uma eu sai queimando e a outra eu achei que a menina fez mais massagem que limpeza kkkk (04/30/16)

Jodi: Gilberto M. / Pode crer, Emerson. Também notei esse vai e vem dos &#s2d0;pesqui8a2ores”. Acho que está faltando metodologia científica para esse pessoal que ora fala bem, ora fala mal. Não sei para os outros, mas para mim o café faz muito bem.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 1 (05/04/16)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Martin Joseph Paiva: Youth League and High School: Quarterback

Martin J. Paiva, son of a very proud father who taught Martin everything he knows concerning leadership and courage....(in my dreams of course...).  Martin now studies at Minnesotta State as a freshman; yet I treasure the earlier years.

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Millie: Darn you and all those yuoom-lymking goodies while I try to sit here, not snack, and work on Univ stuff. Bah!Hope your party was fun– it looked like a good time!Also, re: Bodger v. Dogs 101 — I just discovered Cats 101 and my cats begin to fight/growl at each other whenever little furry feline friends are featured on the telly. Weird! (04/30/16)

Jaylene: I apeipcrate, lead to I discovered exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my personal four evening long search! God Bless a person man. Have a great day. Bye (05/04/16)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Clifford Anthony Paiva FACEBOOK

Clifford Anthony Paiva FACEBOOK

(661) 370 1482

Jasmina: I’m impressed, I must say. Really hldary ever do I come across a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your concept is excellent; the issue is something that not enough folks are speaking smartly about. I am completely happy that I came across this blog (09/01/13)

Niyasameen: Consider some physics here. Soaking whesikrs softer takes time. And shaving closer unavoidably clips off more skin which may or may not have a bad effect. You are sliding a very sharp edge over the skin's surface that is not uniformly flat; the closer you get the blade to the skin, the more skin will be removed. It's all a matter of how much you value the clean look. (10/15/15)

Sandra: நண்பர் àÃÃ…தியமான்அத® Â¯ÂˆÃ Â®Â¤Â Â¯ÂÃ Â®Â¤Ã Â®Â¾Ã Â®Â©Ã Â¯Â நானும் தோழி ரதி அவர்களிடம் வேண்டி நிற்கின்றேன். ஏனெனில் ஈழம் பற்றி பேசினால் புலிகள் பற்றியும் பேச வேண்டி à®001000µà®°à¯à®®à¯. புலிகள் பற்றி பேசினால் இங்கு வாக்குவாதம் தான் வருமà (04/30/16)

Morrie: it better!It can be very worthwhile to make your first product with no plans to make money from it. I understand that can be hard to do, but you have to think of it as an investment in YOUR future. It can be a wehflt-iigting realization when you finally make your move on something that you created. I say go for it and don’t worry about the sales. They will come. (05/04/16)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

BSM Research Associates (Clifford A. Paiva) On History Channel's Monsterquest: Flying Monsters

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The Search for Pterosaur (ROPEN); Monsterquest Flying Monsters

Eyelashes: This is the right weblog for anonye who desires to search out out about this topic. You understand a lot its nearly onerous to argue with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You positively put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply nice! (09/01/13)

Youngy: Even as liberal a figure as John Rawls was not on board with Open Borders. His concern was the social contract with current ciH&senz.tei#39;s of course been criticized by the current academic left for this, but Rawls was always something of a realist about possible social orders, and he was not about to adopt as extreme a position as Open Borders which will never be accepted by the larger population. (In all seriousness, why shouldn't it be the case that half the world's population or more would choose to come to the US if they could bring their entire families with them? How many liberals even would choose this in fact, as opposed to in sermon?) (04/30/16)

Stella: Forestelf Сьогодні пройшовся засніженими вулицями Житомира в напрямку двох кінотеатрів. Звісно, що я думав, так воно і вийшло – не один кінотеатр, ні І. Франка, ні Україна не забажали постер вивісити, хоч би від руки оÂ°ÃÂ¼ÃÂ°ÃÂ»Ã‘ŒÐÂÃванн¸ÃÂ¹ , Ñ (05/04/16)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

WHITE HOUSE-CIA-FBI-MAFIA MURDERS: World Trade Center and Pentagon Detonations; John and Robert Kennedy, CIA Agent Lee Harvey Oswald, M.L. King; EVOLUTION LIE; ILLEGAL PRESIDENT OBAMA

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Precisely what any government is really capable of (VIDEO) when operating beyond the control of its people, is outlined graphically in this section of BSM Research Associates' Government Fraud Site.  

The White House and the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) murdered thousands of its own citizens on 11 September 2001 for money (WTC lease holder Silverstein compensated with 7 billion dollars) and as a PRETEXT for Iraq invasion.  (VIDEO)

Hundreds of thousands have now died BASED ON A LIE PERPERTRATED BY GEORGE W. BUSH AND CARRIED OUT BY LARRY SILVERSTEIN.  (VIDEO) Not since 1963 has America been so criminaly involved in national and international crimes against its own citizens and the world.

The CIA-FBI and White House murdered the President of the United States on 22 November 1963. Judge James Garrison (New Orleans District Court of Appeals 4th Circuit) states: "James A. Wilcott (CIA Recruitment Finance Officer) testified to the House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (1978) that Lee Harvey Oswald had been recruited from the military by the CIA, with the express purpose of double-agent assignment in the USSR. Further that James A. Wilcott was tasked the fund the USSR-Oswald double-agent project."

James A. Wilcott Testimony To House Select Committe on Assassinations (22 March 1978) concerning Lee Harvey Oswald CIA recruitment and double-agent assignment project to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

James Wilcott Testimony HSCA 22 March 1978.pdf

Lee Harvey Oswald CIA Double Agent.pdf


At the risk of appearing harsh...may I say that it would require a COMPLETE MORON to believe that a Boeing 757 crashed the United States government's storyline...the airliner skidded at ground level into the building...exploding and killing all in the airplane and many on the ground. No...rather a demolition charge was detonated as...according to eyewitnesses...a jet airliner flew over the Pentagon. (Nice grassy lawn though...) But what about the airplane parts you saw on CNN, etc.? Since this frame was taken just minutes after the attack and before the collapse (due to water and thermal fatigue), the parts had to have been placed AFTER this photo was taken...pparts being placed courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense and the Commander-in-Chief G.W. Bush...and YES...he and his accomplices are murders of those who died at the World Trade Center...for money and promulgation of a Middle East War.

KangEnton: I simply want to tell you that I'm very new to blogs and holtseny savored your blog. More than likely I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You definitely have wonderful stories. Many thanks for sharing with us your web page. (09/01/13)

Vinicius: I imagine siialmr, although I suspect Latinos would represent a much higher incidence of rape than they do serial killings. I also think that there are more serial murderers out there that go undetected due to the fact that their victims ( prostitutes and others living on the fringe) are less likely to be reported missing by families that have lost track of them. Many serial killers, whether by design or chance, work in a large geographic area crossing many jurisdictions; it often takes some time for police to link them, sometimes they never do. (10/15/15)

Patch: DB,acprepiAte the shout-out. Thank you sir.I’m a Pats fan but worry that predicting a score, or even an outcome, will jinx the game. Food will be wings and pizza.And I agree with everyone else that a regular links column is a great idea. (04/30/16)

Lucy: Thank you, and as of right now they aren’t even at the point i was at my biggest. I may be &#&202;small8#8221; but I’m able to deal with quite a lot. They’re actually not to bad right now. (05/04/16)